Entil Earthbound

Human Priest of Onesti



Entil is about 5’5", 55 years of age and thin, wearing a loose robe that looks like a large blanket that’s been cut in the middle for his head and gathered at his elbows to allow his arms to move freely. He is fair skinned, slightly pale, though not sickly so. He has a gray goatee, the end of which grows a few inches out from his chin. His hair is receding, gray, and pulled back. As he turns his head, what looked like a pony tail is actually a single dreadlock caked with dried mud. His face and hands are clean and his goatee well trimmed.

Entil lives near the silver mines just outside of Sorn. He fixes up the miners when they are injured and other travelers that happen by. His services are not free, however. He charges those who can afford it. He uses that money to do good works for the poor of Sorn. Many of the more destitute inhabitants can be seen leaving Entil’s sod hut with bundles of food and supplies.

Entil Earthbound

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