The Legend of Farcor

Day of the waxing half Bloody Moon

The journey to Sourn was a peaceful one. The trees scattered over the hills, and turning oranges, reds, and yellows brought warmth to the chill autumn air. I arrived rather late and after finding a room at the Silver Flagon, a nice little establishment, I soon went to sleep.

The next day I spent restocking my supplies and resting from the long voyage. That evening, in hopes of finding some nice wine to enjoy, I went to the bar at the inn for a drink. I was not disappointed, they had a very nice wine. I shall have to remember to ask the barkeep where it was from.

While I was savoring the wine, a rather blustery fellow began screaming about monsters taking some servant of a Lord Parelli, the owner of a local mine an a very well-to-do around these parts. His brother apparently died exactly a year ago today, and the man Cale swears it was his brother come back from the grave.

I went to the table to talk with them after taking care of a snivelling little man who seemed to be taking too much interest in the conversation. After all, I just spent most of my money restocking my supplies and could use a little something to sharpen my wits. Though I doubt it is much more than a grave-robber.

Could the brother have faked his death? A horse-kick to the chest is hard to fake, but Cale never answered my question directly as to whether or not he had seen the accident.

Also at the table with Cale were three others: the town draper, Carsus; a young lad who is assistant to the treasurer, Quill; and a large man, Mendrick.

After being invited to the Parelli household, the four left and I returned to my room. I was awoken in the middle of the night by a man standing next to my belongings. Apparently, I’ll have too be less subtle than spilling a beer on unwanted guests. Poor fool was screaming something about my filth, but I’m sure I was a fair bit cleaner than he. He got in a lucky shot due to my sleepiness, but he never really had a chance. After searching his body, I found a strange tattoo and an odd set of dice as well as some much needed coin. Hector the innkeeper fixed my wound up nicely, but I must go to a healer to avoid a scar.

Cale came to gather me in a beautiful carriage pulled by two fabulous gray horses. I definitely must have one of these someday or learn how to conjure one. I’m now in that carriage on my way to the Parelli Estate. I hope this is worth my while. If I gain nothing else, a wealthy man owing me a favor is not a bad thing…

-Excerpted from the Journal of Fala Catori.


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